Opening up tennis for new audience

Full identity redesign, architecture, product identity and campaign direction



The challenge

The LTA had created a new brand story that spoke of breaking down negative preconceptions of tennis and showcasing the sport in a more modern and accessible light. But their visual identity and the design of their products were holding them back from connecting with their target audiences and telling the right story.

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Our approach

We developed and identity to modernise the LTA and make the more welcoming and accessible.  We crafted a new wordmarque and created a new brand line. We worked into architecture to rationalise and simplify the portfolio navigation, creating a rich visual system that offered cohesion as well as flexibility across audiences and products. We built a playbook combining inspiration and rigour to allow the brand to continue to grow and thrive.

The result

A fully embedded visual identity that has brought the LTA’s new strategy to life with meaning, building stand out and recognition for the brand across all touchpoints, from courtside, to TV, to physical spaces, to internal comms.

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“Bloom delivers both complex strategic work and very strong creativity which help solve the business problems we shared with them. They get stuff done, and done brilliantly.”

James Thompson


“Bloom are the best agency I have met at leading design thinking.”

Jeremy Lindley

Global Design Director, Diageo

“We were seeking to transform our identity. Bloom’s impressive work, in terms of strategic thinking and creative ideas, presented us with exactly what we were looking for quickly and collaboratively.”

Scott Lloyd

Scott Lloyd, CEO, LTA

“If you have a project where brand and strategic thinking are critical to its success, Bloom is a great partner.”

Eduardo Burg

Brand Director, Danone

“Bloom have great strategic thinkers who cut to the heart of business problems coupled with some real flair and high level creativity. They have helped us to be brave and take great strides on our brands to cut through in a crowded marketplace to grow our business.”

Nick Robinson

Managing Director Brands & CMO, Kerry Foods

“I have worked with Bloom for over 7 years and know them to be a highly agile, strategic and creative design partner who always deliver work of the highest quality.”

David Gates

Managing Director Diageo Futures, Diageo

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