Sweet opportunities: disrupting the confectionery aisle

November 16, 2023

By Ed Hayes, CSO

Confectionery. It appeals to our emotions like nothing else in the supermarket. Sweets remind us of childhood - simple pleasures and simpler times.

It’s also great for impulse spenders. But in a squeezed economy impulse spend is declining*. More health conscious, discerning consumers are thinking more about when and why to treat. So we’re thinking about how confectionery can innovate to answer fast-changing needs.

Flip a challenge on its head and it's an opportunity. Because demanding consumers are open to value-adding benefits. 20 years ago, soft drinks were straight-up taste and refreshment. Today we reach for a cold drink for anything from a caffeine kick to a herbal moment of zen.

We're seeing modern confectionery disrupters following suit by pushing into new spaces. Because confectionery is the ultimate convenient, cheap and available format for bringing new wellbeing, indulgence and lifestyle benefits. Now is the time for big brands to join in, at scale and at pace.

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