Bloom Thinks: Blending The Boundaries

November 2, 2021

Tea and Coffee have had a storming 12 months in grocery sales. And no wonder. We’ve all been craving those ‘me moments’ whilst stuck at home, replacing our favourite hot drink that we’d pick up on our morning commute for something equally as satisfying from the kettle or coffee machine. And with flexible working set to become the new normal, it’s not going to be slowing down anytime soon…

In the latest edition of Bloom Thinks, we take a look how tea and coffee brands can continue on this upward trajectory through a term we are describing as blending the boundaries – where brands are colliding with other categories such as beauty, confectionery, alcohol and wellbeing to create new spaces and product offerings to keep consumers engaged.

The innovations we are seeing in two of the oldest drinks’ categories are forward thinking and ultimately brave – an indication of how need states, occasions and behaviours are continuing to shift post-pandemic. We have identified how brands can successfully move into these new spaces without alienating or confusing consumers, enabling a seamless transition into future consumption opportunities.

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