Bloom Thinks: 2024 Forecast: Resolutions are Out, Intentions are In

February 9, 2024

It seems somewhat unavoidable that when January rolls around, someone will ask you what your resolutions are for the New Year. But rather than leaning into the tired cliché of a “new me”, how about just a better me?

For younger generations, the idea of committing to an exhaustive and often unrealistic set of resolutions is becoming outdated. January can be gloomy enough without the looming failure of another year that doesn’t end with an IRONMAN medal and a membership to the polyglots club. Instead, lists are being replaced with one-word intentions that are focused less on doing, and more on being and becoming. One word feels clearer, more achievable, and so inherently, more empowering; it’s the “why” that guides how you intend show-up over the year ahead.

While words are highly subjective, one that comes up again and again is longevity. If the success of Netflix’s new documentary “Secrets of the Blue Zones” is anything to go by, our culture is fascinated with attempting to reverse-engineer the formula for longevity. But why? A recent review by Pandora Sykes on the soon to be published translation of bestseller, ‘Butter’ by Asako Yuzuki, remarks on how Japan, despite being home to Blue Zone, Okinawa, also has the only language with a word to capture the notion of working yourself to death (‘karoshi’). Is this the direction our younger generations fear we’re heading? A society in which lifestyle-induced illness is the norm? Our hyper-focus on longevity would certainly suggest so.

Longevity is just one word amongst a myriad of wellness intentions we expect to see guiding consumer behaviour in 2024, but if it points to anything, it’s the need to re-examine the relationship that exists between our sleep, diet, movement, and mental health. Physical health isn’t a siloed illness, it’s a functioning, interconnected system, and this means everyone can be a stakeholder in the wellness conversation. For brands, this is a huge opportunity to be a sidekick along the journey, helping consumers make achievable shifts in daily habits, so wellness can become a reality in 2024, rather than just another discarded resolution. For brands looking to become part of the conversation, here are the one-word intentions we expect to see leading consumer’s wellness journeys over the year ahead.


From Dry Jan to Sober October, it feels like more people than ever are going from curious to committed, but this shift isn’t restricted to popularised months of abstinence anymore. With the communal comradery of movements like Dry January serving as an entry point into larger lifestyle change, it was reported in 2022 that 21% of UK consumers no longer drink any alcohol. These consumers will be looking to brands to support their journey, with products and experiences that mimic the mood-boosting ritual of having an alcoholic drink through endorphin-boosting designs or buzz-inducing adaptogens and nootropics.


For those whose approach is more damp than dry, low-alcohol alternatives and antioxidant bolstered pre-drinks are also on the rise, with designs that promise energy and spontaneity, served without the usual side of hangxiety…


It’s not news that our healthcare system is struggling under greater demands, with GPs overworked to unhealthy levels. New figures show that 41% of 18 to 24-year-olds have used private healthcare, amidst longer waits to see an NHS GP. But for the many whose reality makes this an unfordable luxury, brands in the market are offering alternatives to help democratise the wellness category. The femtech market alone is expected to reach $60B by 2027, but the opportunity to empower consumers with more affordable and accessible information is open to all categories. From gut biome tests to personalised vitamins, designing with clarity is what will instil consumers with the confidence to take back control of their wellbeing journey.


If you’ve ever looked at your kitchen shelf and thought it was starting to look more like your local Holland & Barret store, you may have pill fatigue. For those who can’t face yet another daily supplement in 2024, the answer may lie in the same good-for-you benefits, delivered through products formats that are more easily integrated into your lifestyle. From sleep-boosting ice-cream to CBD-infused tampons, brands can make choosing wellness a no-brainer when the benefits are delivered simply and seamlessly.


Social prescriptions might well become our new normal, with non-medical support aimed at improving wellbeing with anything from meditation to dance classes. While the idea of social prescribing is contentious within the medical setting, it’s been reported that social issues like loneliness have the potential to be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. For brands, the goal here is not to be the hero. It’s not about replacing the NHS, but becoming an ally to traditional healthcare methods, advocating for connections, whether with ourselves or a community, which bring a touch more warmth into our increasingly isolated lives.  

A final word

While every wellness journey is personal, the desire to navigate it simply is a universal one. Highly specific and lofty resolutions are unlikely to cause a seismic shift in behaviour overnight, risking the chance of a “write off” year at the first hint of failure.  So, in the name of clarity, 2024 might be the year to turn to singular intentions, where there are no failures, only steps closer. Best placed to accompany consumers on this journey? The single-minded brands who are best known for doing one thing, brilliantly.

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