Bloom welcome Matt and Liam

April 10, 2024

Bloom welcome two new senior members to the design studio – Matt Waldron and Liam Prothero. Excited to have their talent, experience and fresh energy on board, we asked them what they’re looking forward to and where they’ll be finding inspiration.

What are you looking forward to in your new role at Bloom as Senior Designer?

M: Bloom has a good ethos of approaching a project like it’s not been done before; I’m looking forward to creating new ideas with great people.

L: I'm excited to join a prestigious studio where I can learn heaps, pitch in, and team up with others. Bloom seems like the perfect fit, with its beautiful projects and diverse accounts. I can't wait to bounce ideas off my new colleagues and make some friends along the way. And of course, I'm all about growing as a designer and becoming better at my craft.

What 2024 design trends are you most excited to see?

M: Bold colour clashes, experimental typography. Really pushing the boundaries and not settling with being comfortable. I always like when brands challenge the norm.

L: As for trends, I'm not big on following them religiously, but I've got a soft spot for retro futurism. I love how brands are starting to look back and bring old nuances into the present day.

Where do you go to find inspiration?

M: Nature! Being outdoors always seems to clear your mind and think of things differently. Or I get lost in something other than design - films, music or gaming.

L: When I need a creativity boost, I usually hit the outdoors for a jog or flip through some old Juxtapoz mags. Oh, and scrolling through artists' feeds like James Jean or Robbie Trevinio's on Instagram always gets the juices flowing. And if I'm really stuck, you'll find me browsing Pinterest or zoning out with a movie to clear the fog.

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