Bloom Showcase: Tobenna and Cian, Design Interns

May 23, 2024

Earlier this year we welcomed Tobenna and Cian, who joined us for design internships. Here’s how they got on.

What I've learnt

T: I have learnt a lot whilst interning at Bloom, particularly in motion design, design thinking and using AI to help enhance designs.

C: I have found it great to work across numerous projects in visual identity, branding, and packaging, which have kept my ideas fresh, and creativity flowing. It’s been brilliant to work within a welcoming team which is collaborative, supportive, and well connected - it’s always great to be a part of a team you feel free to ask for support or ask questions. I’ve been lucky to experience working with the CS and Strategy teams, growing more appreciative and aware the thinking and planning that goes into a project.

Proudest moment

T: My proudest moment at Bloom was when one of my initial design concepts was chosen to be turned into a design we presented to a client.

C: I was proud to have the opportunity to be involved in so many projects which I could make my mark on, whether it was through an initial idea or a design choice. Seeing my thoughts and designs used on project was an immense feeling and further fuels my ambition to keep pushing with bold and fresh ideas within the creative industry.

What's next

T: My next step after Bloom is to go after more design internships and hopefully land a full-time job in Design before summer. If not, I’ll go back to finish my Product Design Engineering degree at Loughborough University. Either way, I’ll continue my pursuit in becoming a Designer.

C: To grow and keep perfecting my craft, keep learning and pushing to make my mark in the industry. remaining engrossed in further agency experiences and looking for the opportunities to showcase my skills in a more permanent setting.

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