Bloom Showcase: Lottie Petersen, Design Director

February 21, 2024

What 2024 design trends are you most excited to see?

I’m intrigued to see how the design industry evolves with AI and where this takes us. We can utilise AI to aid design inspiration, however we need to make sure it doesn’t disadvantage our creative thinking and skillsets. We’ve found using AI in the studio for rough product cameos - particularly NPD research tasters which have yet to be physically created - has helped us quickly show clients our initial design thinking. These cameos are often used as a starting point, which are worked into by the design and visualising team. I think it’s important to make sure that any AI work – especially product cameos - is heavily caveated to clients, never to be used as the final output. Our collaboration with photographers is still highly valued – they have the emotional connection and understanding/familiarity of our brands that AI lacks.

From a personal view, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with AI as an aid for mood inspiration. Describing what you’re picturing in your head to programmes like Midjourney can create some unusual results, which I’ve found can open new ways of executing an idea. 

Where do you go to find inspiration?

Living in London is a blessing for finding inspiration - popping to a museum late after work or taking creative briefings whilst at an exhibition is a great way to trigger ideas. Even ads on the tube can spark creative thinking.

The latest Exhibition I’ve been to is Diva at the V&A. Discovering how different art forms - fashion, music and print campaigns - collaborate together to curate a unique experience for the consumer was really interesting. I’d recommend going to see if you’re in town. 

What are you looking forward to in your new role as Design Director?

I’m excited to step out from behind the screen more and engaging with clients directly, hopefully building some great relationships. I’m also passionate about staying a hands-on designer, learning from the great team around me.

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