Bloom Showcase: Georgia Watson, Intern

March 28, 2024

Earlier this year we had Georgia join us for a cross-department internship. Following her marketing degree, Georgia was keen to explore the different agency roles from strategy through to client services and comms. Here’s how she got on –

What have you learnt in your time here that you’ll take with you? 

I have found it fascinating to observe and understand a company culture from the inside. Bloom is collaborative and open across all departments with supportive communication across the whole company. I love the encouragement of potentially ‘silly’ questions with no fear of judgment due to your innate client-centricity that demands openness on the inside to ensure alignment and accuracy on the outside. I learnt this candidness is also crucial for me to learn quickly, work happily and be useful as fast as possible

I also learnt how tone of voice, professionalism and client services is not a one-size-fits-all. It was great to watch the CS team adapt to each of their clients to understand their needs, decipher feedback and translate this into tangible briefs.

Being lucky enough to have time across both CS and Strategy/Planning as well as ad hoc conversations across other departments meant I had a truly rounded experience about what a branding agency achieves day-to-day and long-term. Someone said to me, “The brand isn’t what you think you are. The brand is what they think you are.”, which summed up for me that branding needs to be understood deeply from the start in strategy from which all other output is based on.

When was your proudest moment whilst at Bloom?

I felt very proud when I was complimented on “getting stuck in” by a few Bloomers. I wanted to soak up as much information, knowledge and insight as I possibly could by asking ALL my questions, offering to help with random projects across different teams, while also being lucky enough to sit in client meetings. “Getting stuck in” was definitely top of the to- do list – consider it ticked off, I think!

Where do you have your sights set on next?

Next for me is more job applications into the agency space, particularly with an interest in branding after my time at Bloom. Feeling enthusiastic and upbeat about the job hunt so thank you Bloom and everyone there who made my week so valuable and enjoyable!

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