Beauty Shifts: the changing faces of beauty brand design

November 7, 2023

By Eftihia Spyropoulou, Strategy Director.

In the world of beauty there is more choice than ever before.

But as consumers, we are also getting more selective.

We know more about what works and why, and we are more determined to make informed decisions.

So brands have to respond.

We’re seeing beauty trends rapidly evolve, polarise and splinter in efforts to capture discerning consumers and create ownable spaces for themselves.

From brands who show up looking like they were born in the lab, heroing a medicalised kind of minimalism and expertise to the extravagant maximalist codes that other brands inject into their design, for a hedonistic and playful take on beauty.

From virtual beauty to biotech. From deeply bespoke to exceptionally inclusive.

The change is fast and the disparate emerging themes create challenges for brands.

Which trends offer real commercial opportunity and which trends are likely to be passing fads?

Is there an ownable space to create recognition and distinction, while making the most of established and recognised category codes?

Now more than ever is the time for brands to identify a trend space to focus on and maximise the opportunity for them in this area. Connect the trend learnings and possibilities to their own unique brand story in an authentic way to drive conversation over competition and commercial effectiveness.

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