Avon’s global brand identity refresh

September 13, 2020

Avon, which has been transforming women’s lives by doing beauty differently, has been working with brand identity partner, Bloom, to evolve its positioning, architecture and brand identity to better reflect the Avon of today – an innovative, bold and inclusive beauty brand.

Bloom’s redesign brings power and beauty together. The brand marque has more substance than Avon’s previous incarnation, with a bigger personality and stronger impact, with a nod to its proud past. The colour palette combines feel-good vibrancy with the warmth of inclusivity. The refreshed marque is making its way on to products and brochures and includes reference to the curves of the original 1930s Avon logo, with a new colour gradient, which features heavily across multiple assets, based on the curves of a woman’s face.

James Chittenden, Avon’s Executive Creative Director, said: “With over 130 years of beauty heritage, and a worldwide network of more than 5m entrepreneurs running their own Avon business, the key to our successful brand reinvention was evolution. To take what is known and loved about such a purpose-driven brand, and make it relevant again for the 2020s and beyond. Bloom’s truly wonderful work on the Avon brand identity means that, at a stroke, we show up more immediate, bold, confident, approachable, and multi-channel than ever before. That after all this time, Avon is the one the world didn’t see coming, and now our audience just can’t look away.”

Michael MacNaughton, Bloom’s Creative Director said: “Avon is a global business, with a vast range, sold across multiple channels, by a workforce of thousands. So the identity has to look great and work hard. The logotype is elegant and modern, but is also easy to use in any medium. The hot colour palette is both memorable and impactful. We created a suite of additional assets – shapes and patterns – to make the identity human, as well as flexible.”

Ben White, Bloom’s Founder said: “This work is the fruition of our 12 month relationship with Avon. It’s an exciting time to be involved with its next chapter, especially given the recent acquisition by Natura & Co. Avon has a long and proud history. The new identity brings it into the modern day, and will bring it to the attention of a new generation of beauty consumers”.

The refreshed brand identity will start rolling out globally from September 2020 and coincides with Avon’s 135th birthday.

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