A disruptive new meat-free eating brand

September 25, 2019

Bloom creates Naked Glory, a disruptive new meat-free eating brand.

The meat free category has exploded in the last 2 years. Where the world of veggie came with a certain worthiness, meat free eaters want bigger, bolder experiences – meaty, without meat. The shift has been driven by new consumers who want to cut down on meat, but not entirely. So it’s paramount that switching doesn’t sacrifice enjoyment in the eating.

Bloom worked with Kerry Foods to exploit this opportunity. The new brand had to appeal to modern meat reducers, while standing out in a rapidly growing, overcrowded category. Our springboard was disruptive brand attitude – a heroic everyman who stood for making meat-free eating enjoyable, easy and risk-free.

The name Naked Glory captures these benefits. It’s naked because it’s free of meat. It’s glorious because it’s uncompromisingly tasty. The products in the range deliver on this promise in spades. Developed using the latest food technology and talent, the range includes mince, sausages, no-meat balls and quarter pounders. Every product is easy to prepare and packs an unbelievably meaty punch.

Tasting the food was our inspiration for the brand identity. Vibrant colours promise full-on flavour. The handwritten logotype is packed with attitude, the cheeky fig leaf motif built in. And food photography plays a huge part in delivering mouth-watering flavour appeal on-shelf.

These assets will be used by our partner agencies for an impactful through-the-line launch, ensuring Kerry Foods’ retailers and the consumer cannot miss this game-changing meat-free moment.

Alison Lees, Marketing Manager, Kerry Foods says, “We’re so excited to be bringing Naked Glory to market and we’re doing it with a bang! Naked Glory is for food lovers who no longer want to be in an ‘exclusive relationship’ with meat. We’re for those who want to enjoy all of meat’s sizzle and succulent flavour, but with fewer strings attached. We believe it’s time for a meat-free fling – that’s why we’re encouraging people to cheat on meat”.

Ben White, Bloom CCO says, “We’re proud to have helped Kerry build a presence in this dynamic new category. As their strategic design partner we enjoyed working collaboratively throughout the journey, creating a brand that showcases our joint expertise. The identity draws on modern food trends in a way that will appeal to a broad audience. It’s simple, rich and human, above all”

Naked Glory launches in September 2019, with a £2.5m digital, social, out-of-home and shopper campaign running throughout 2020.

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